Custom Bg


Burn more calories per hour than other indoor fitness equipment Excellent to burn body fat, slim down legs, thighs, hips and keeps you in shape Control blood pressure, which helps in reducing stress, aging and Relieves depression.Increase stamina, rejuvenates and give more energy to muscles Improves posture and skin tone.Helps in restoring free movement of stiff joints, adds strength to muscles and reduces back fatigue. Activate heart race and oxygen intake which develops endurance and increases the efficiency of heart and lungs.

  • Unique innovative design providing a longer and wider jogging surface
  • Beautiful dash board with electronic meter having functions of scan, speed, distance, calories, time and pulse
  • Provision of three different levels easily adjustable, which helps to walk or jog on same machine
  • Stepper is perfect in improving heart and circulatory function and ideal in strengthening leg muscles.
  • Twister plate to work on slimming your waist.
  • Bars at bottom for manual dips
  • Provision of wheels for easily portability
  • Precisely balanced cast iron pulley provides quiet and smooth running motion
  • Heavy duty and stable steel frame with side handle bars for extra security
  • Self-locking of main frame with the upright bars keep the base firmly held, providing, a greater stability
  • Foldable easy to store