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    raja appun

5 months ago

Good quality and Best price.... on time delivery .... i can recommend...

    santhana malar

5 months ago

When i did a market survey for fitness equipments treadmill i found Galaxy Fitness Store this treadmill was economical and best Price for middle class people amongst all other brands.

    Nalladurai Chinnandar

5 months ago

Very useful and best quality product and also best price

PowerTrack 222

The 222 motorized treadmill from Powertrack Fitness is a great solution for getting a gym workout at home and office!
The 1.7 HP Continuous Motor offers a smooth ride while the LCD display tracks your distance, time, speed, calories burned, heartbeat a fat measurement.
The unique features and performance shown by this treadmill have attracted many customers.
With this high-quality, foldable and easily operated treadmill, your home is your gymnasium.
This space-saving folding treadmill does not sacrifice size with quality and will keep your treadmill workouts challenging and effective.
Keep running and burn calories to keep fit and enjoy a healthy life.
Now stop daydreaming and experience the future of training today.

5" LCD Display

Displaying your speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse with 12 Built-in workout programs, you will be able to see your results to keep you motivated and on pace.

Scientific Soft Shock Reducing Running Belt

Reduce the shock with many layers running belt. Better, Skid proof and rebound resilience function. Run with comfort and durability.

Three Level Manual Incline

As the incline increases, The exercise efficiency improves. It makes users to use less time to achieve better result.

Quiet Energy Saving Motor

Powerful motor, 99% all copper core, Noise is controlled within 68DB. Enjoy the quiet running.

Independent CPU

Moisture Proof, water resistant and dustproof Best quality chip provided by famous controller manufacture.

Transpotation Wheels

Moisture Proof, water resistant and dustproof Best quality chip provided by famous controller manufacture.

Shock Spring

Become safer, more comfortable and long life use. Safety performance increase 30%, comfort increase 20%.

Soft-Drop System

The soft drop hydraulic mechanism ensures safe, hassle-free unfolding every time. Fold your treadmill for storage and unfold your treadmill with ease.

Quick Controls & Heart Rate Sensor

Quick access to Speed +/- and Start/Stop as well as pulse pads. The more steady and prolonged the elevated heart rate is during the workout, the more fat is burned.

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